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Newest version of the Elemental Knight Demo.  There's not a lot of new explore-able content in this release, as I spent quite a bit of time fixing the movement physics and how it interacts with the scene objects.  But enjoy anyway!

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ElementalKnightMayDemo.rar 39 MB


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Just leaving this here.

Thanks for the video review!  Sorry about the camera too!

Cute game, the movement is quite wonky and I found no use for the interaction move of the knight but what I was thinking while playing is how nice would it be for this game to look like papercraft.

I don't really know and can't imagine what you look for in this artstyle or what the setting for the game is but the design of the main character and many props reminded me of handpainted papercraft stuff and since it's fairly low-poly I thought it would fit very well.

Couldn't move some rock that was blocking a cave, didn't find the room with the gears from the screenshot but I'm guessing this is a different demo from your last time and the content varied.

Very rude ending btw.

Yeah the interaction move was just meant for if you see a spinning blue node on the ground, click to interact with it.  Papercraft is a neat idea but it's already been done a lot better than I can do it.  Not to say it shouldn't be tried, but I'm just going to stick with the artstyle I've developed for now.  

Yeah the rock isn't meant to be moved, atleast in the demo.  You'll be able to come back to it later in the game when you have a different moveset that'll allow you to destroy it.  Yeah the gears is from the earlier demo.

I don't know what you mean by rude ending.  But thanks for trying it out and giving me feedback!

Please make the camera follow the mouse, not the other way around. Camera turning left when going right doesn't feel good especially after years of muscle memory on practically every game having the camera controlled the same way. Still on the issue of the camera, you cannot zoom out so you have to re-enter the windmill to reset the zoom level on the game. I tried to bump against the turtle and that ended screw up my camera. You also need re-check your wall collisions and whatnot because I can easily get stuck(I'm able to walk backwards on this one thankfully) whenever I jump over an entrance and into the wall. 

That's one example, and in this following webm you have a whole load of other issues especially since there's no menu in-game for a quick reset or checkpoints. You're very much able to fall down(you can't even look up or down with how you setup the player camera controls) and possibly never reset above ground. https://my.mixtape.moe/vgqbab.webm

Game seems interesting to say the least, so I hope you'll take the time to improve your game. Good luck.

Thanks a bunch for the feedback.  I knew I was having trouble with collisions along with the jitteryness that came with something like running against a wall, but was hoping it wouldn't be that bad and I could work around it a bit.  Just went through and re-did most of the collision system, so it's a lot better now.  Also forgot to mention in the demo you can press x and y to invert the camera controls